How organic Google ranking works and why it’s important

Think of the internet as a huge party and you are invited, but who will you be introduced to first and why?

Ding dong!

That’s you at the door.

Google (the host remember) opens the door and says, “Hi”.

Here’s the first thing you need to know. Google wants you to have a good experience, you throw a party you want everybody to have fun right? That way they will come back again and again which is what Google wants.

Google is the host with the most, but some of the guests are more valued than others – this is called ranking. Between you and me Google simply hates some of the people who have managed to get in to the party.

These gatecrashes are called the Black Hats. They often disguise themselves as something interesting (often celebrity gossip) but when you click on the link you are transported to pages for little blue pills, or pushy sites for insurance claims or downloads for viruses that will cause havoc on your computer.

We’ve all been there, we’ve searched for Kim Kardashian, but we been taken to a much darker place, you may think that this is a glitch, but it’s not; it’s Black Hat tactics.

The Black Hats have got their invite to the party by fibbing about what they are. Like I said Google hates these people because they make the evening tiresome for all the other guests. Every so often Google has a purge to kick the Black Hats out.

Enough of the bad, let’s look at the good.

Who is Google going to introduce you to and why? As you take off your jacket you say to Google, “I’ve got a birthday coming up and I need a special ca…”

Boom! Your host goes into overdrive. You don’t even have to say “Cake” Google will guess what you are after from the proximity of “Birthday” and “Ca”.

Where do you live? Google knows. Who makes cakes in this area? Google makes a short list of people who often use your key search words.

So far, so simple, but now to hone the list.

How quickly do the cake sites load? Google knows you hate to be kept waiting. So the slow loaders will be at the bottom of the list. Do the bakers look smart? Google likes pages to presented in a special way with key words on display – making your site look smart will increase your kudos. Is there a YouTube video on the front page? Google loves video and owns YouTube so this will increase your favorablity and move up the list.

More questions Google asks include: how many other people talking about you? Google will know Facebook and Twitter chat. Has your website been updated recently – no updates may mean that your cake business has closed – so that’s no good. Do you have a Google + page attached to your business (You guessed it Google likes that) and are you registered on the Google maps (again another plus point).

Then, in a magical moment your host says, “Need a fantastic birthday cake, let me introduce you to “Fox Bakery” as they do the best cakes.”

Google doesn’t leave the game there; your host will hover around, watching how long you stay with your introduction. If you leave quickly Google will realise it’s made a bad match, if you stay for a long time Google will take this as an indication that it has done a good job and will be more likely to recommend that site again to cake lovers.

So – as far as Google is concerned – for you as a site owner, play nice and have a site with great content on it presented in a good way and you will rise up the ranks and become a favoured guest regularly introduced to the new people entering the party.