WordPress is a system that puts you in the driving seat, but users need to learn how to drive – we provide three levels of training. Pick the one which is best for you.

WordPress in a Day This is a course for beginners and lower intermediates. We start the day with nothing. In the morning we work on the name, hosting and importing the template, in the afternoon we add pages, text and content. At the end of the day you will not only have the knowledge of how to build a website, but you’ll have made a first draft of your own project!

Indamediate WordPress For those who have got to grips with the basics this is a daylong course that looks at the more advanced features such as customising templates with snipits of code, working with Google Analitics and Google Tools. Also how to adapt WordPress websites for ecommerce and create premium access private areas.

Advanced WordPress Coding at an advanced level for those who want to make custom sites and rea