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  • Spray1

    Spray painting classes for children in Brighton

    Every parent wants their tot to be the next Banksy – at least here in Brighton – where artists coop Art Schism run regular holiday spray paint classes. The brief for this video was to show the class in action; the teaching, some stencil work …

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  • MeidaFox

    This is where I love to be

    Check out the cool MediaFox sticker – I LOVE getting on the back of phones and on the front of laptops. The web address is always to hand (you know how easy it is to lose a card) and it’s a thing of beauty to …

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  • PlaySafeOnline

    Protect yourself, your video and your photos online

    The celebrity nude-photo scandal of last week showed us yet again that some people are willing to go to great lengths. This time, they wanted nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and a handful of other female celebrities. According to Yahoo!, humans were on track to …

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  • Diverhead

    Buy .com names for a deep sea diver

    This is a great offer, buy a .com for a £5 – take your website further for half the normal price. Global recognition, increased trust and capturing type-in traffic are just a few .com pros, so if you’ve always wanted a .com or have a …

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  • Built In A Day

    Big Day Blooms website – built in a day

    WordPress is fast, elegant and easy to use. The biggest technophobe can learn to edit in a few hours and if you have a taste for code, you can get deep and dirty. I built BigDayBlooms.co.uk today, and as I write Google is logging the …

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