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I've written for most of the nationals, a ton of magazines and won awards too!


Here's the latest showreel, so you can view some of my best moments.


I was The Boy Who Fell to Earth, a round peg in a square hole.



Paper Cuts

I’ve written for most of the nationals, a ton of magazines and won my fair share of awards – see the About page for a full list.

I love writing positive things about amazing people. From Gang Rivals to Best Mates is a good example of this. The teaser reads: The two teenagers were locked in a spiral of racist violence. What happened next astonished them both. The writing style is very visual – the reader is put firmly in the scene.

Here’s a pic of me getting a gong for a medical piece called The Great Eye Test Scandal.

If you are hungry for more I’ve put a bundle of cuts together, which you can see here. It’s a big file so might take a minute to load.

Clear and Accessible Technical Writing

HMRC issue a series of ‘factsheets’ that are opaque and frightening. I went through each  one, breaking them down paragraph by paragraph (and sometimes sentience by sentence) explaining what it all really meant in a Q & A “Passnotes” style.

One reader, Wesley Long said, “Brilliant guide. Clear and is to the point, precisely what you need when you are pulling your hair out! Seriously I never write reviews but felt compelled! Highly recommended!”

These books are sold on the Tax Hell website.

Three books
Idea Fox
Web Work

I’ve been working with Tirol on their captions (and some other stuff I can’t talk about) for the last three years. This is the sort of copy I’d love to develop further.



Misfit at School

I was The Boy Who Fell to Earth, a round peg in a square hole. Nothing worked, nothing fitted. It all seemed so strange and alien to me. Who where these people? What was going on?

School Photo
Made in Sheffield

That all changed when I studied in Sheffield Poly and became both the features and travel editor of the student magazine, The Sheffield City Press. It was here that I found my tribe of ambitious / creative misfits.

We won The Guardian / NUS Media Award for Best Student Magazine. That was a good night. We beat the top university magazines – Oxford and Cambridge – to bring home gold. That was a David and Goliath kind of a night.

The Guardian editor, Peter Preston said, “I was very impressed with the whole magazine, the features were particularly strong”.

Young Travel Writer of the Year Award

While at Poly I started to freelance for the nationals. Getting regular work in The Guardian and the Telegraph – amongst others.

I was one of six winners in The Daily Telegraph: Young Travel Writer of the Year Award. The six of us were flown to Vietnam – with our pieces being published in the magazine.

Travel editor Bernice Davison said, “Nick had the right blend of originality, humour and sense of place which make for good travel reading”.

Travel Writer of the Year
Medical Journalism Award
Medical Journalism Award

It was such an honour to be recognised with this Award. When I went to the ceremony in Pall Mall I knew I was a finalist, but – looking at all the other great writers in the room – I didn’t think I had a chance of winning.

And then I did – and I got £1,000 too. So that was just awesome.

Judge’s comments: “As well as being well researched and thorough, Nick created a story that was targeted perfectly to his audience – a fabulous example of what a feature should offer”.

You can read the article – The Great Eye Test Scandal – that won the award here.

Founder, Tax Hell

After a petty and vindictive tax investigation by HMRC I developed a groundbreaking website to help others in trapped in simulator situations. Tax Hell has helped millions of people.

David Allen – who had endured almost two years of HMRC bullying before coming to Tax Hell –  says, “It looks like Alternative Dispute Resolution might be working for me as you suggested. They [HMRC] have indicated no penalties, no previous years and that I might owe the grand total of £340 plus interest. Thanks again for the ebook and your help”.

Three books
A Decade of Shooting

I started out on a Flip –  powered by two AA batteries – it was considered quite cutting edge at the time! Now I shoot on a Canon 5d mk4, I carry high end Ikan lights with me and use wireless Sennheiser mics.

For great video, it helps to have nice kit and – of course – you have to have a certain technical skill, but once you master that, the grammar of videography is the same as the grammar of writing.

It’s the importance of structure and flow, engaging the viewer and keeping sentences short and snappy. Knowing when to ask difficult questions and knowing when to say nothing – just letting the subject talk.

My writing has always been very visual, so the video dovetails in beautifully.

I can’t always show the projects I work on – some clients are very secretive – but what I can show is on the Video page.

Copywriting: Hello Tirol

I interviewed Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso from Rogue One) and she talked about skiing Tirol (where Chalet Girl was shot). The interview became the cover feature for Psychologies Magazine and on the back of that Tirol hunted me down and asked for some help with their copywriting.

That was three years ago – we’ve worked very well together ever since. I’d like to do more copywriting work like this. The beauty of working in social media is you get a very real sense about what is working very quickly.

See the Words page for more examples.


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