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  • Dot Co Main 11.2

    .co names almost half price – for a limited time

    For a limited time only we’re offering .co domain names for just £9.99 for your first year. Normal price: £17.99 per year Promotional price: £9.99 first year (Save 45%!) Recognised world-wide .co is officially a global extension and can be used for any website anywhere …

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  • Social Meida

    What social media platform is best for you?

    A guest post from the good people at SiteVisibility. Here Andy talks to Matt Daley, Paid Performance Account Manager at SiteVisibility, about the benefits and risks of social media use for small independent retailers, and whether such retailers can be successful both on and offline. …

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  • How to get on the front page of Google

    The buzzword of the moment is SEO which that stands for search engine optimisation. It’s really just a short way of saying “Google ranking”. When your name (or the name of your business) is put into Google the search engine makes a decision about what …

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  • Speaker

    The power of great sound

    Capturing great sound is really important and it is something that’s often overlooked The audio you capture will get will be compressed in the camera, then compressed again in editing, then – you guessed it – compressed again for YouTube! After all of that your …

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  • Networking

    Networking for the terrified

    Networking is so important, but it fills so many of us (including me) with fear This well prepared talk from Martine Scott at Puree Design is full of top tips for those of us who would rather lock the door and hide behind email. As …

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