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  • MeidaFox

    This is where I love to be

    Check out the cool MediaFox sticker – I LOVE getting on the back of phones and on the front of laptops. The web address is always to hand (you know how easy it is to lose a card) and it’s a thing of beauty to …

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  • PlaySafeOnline

    Protect yourself, your video and your photos online

    The celebrity nude-photo scandal of last week showed us yet again that some people are willing to go to great lengths. This time, they wanted nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and a handful of other female celebrities. According to Yahoo!, humans were on track to …

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  • Diverhead

    Buy .com names for a deep sea diver

    This is a great offer, buy a .com for a £5 – take your website further for half the normal price. Global recognition, increased trust and capturing type-in traffic are just a few .com pros, so if you’ve always wanted a .com or have a …

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  • Built In A Day

    Big Day Blooms website – built in a day

    WordPress is fast, elegant and easy to use. The biggest technophobe can learn to edit in a few hours and if you have a taste for code, you can get deep and dirty. I built BigDayBlooms.co.uk today, and as I write Google is logging the …

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  • Psychologies

    Video for Psychologies magazine

    Last month Psychologies magazine approached me with some video from Wilma Johnson, author of Surf Mama. Frankly, it was not so great. Some of it had been shot sideways, some had been shot in high wind (the audio was unusable) and some was super shaky. …

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