Top Local SEO talk at BrightonSEO

One of the stand-out speakers at BrightonSEO last week was Greg Gifford who packed his 20 minute talk on Local SEO with over 100 slides and a few good gags to boot.

Of all the speakers in the Concert Hall Greg was the one with the biggest take-away value for me and I went back to the live stream to go through the material again – just to catch some of the stuff I missed first time.

What Greg says about dropping a pin to target people in a very specific area at a specific time was really interesting: you can run an ad targeted at a football stadium for half time (which is when everybody is checking their phones – right). That’s quite powerful and the technology is in place but not many people do it.

Here I’ve taken Greg’s slides and put them over the video shot at the conference – so you can actually see what he’s talking about as he’s talking – oh and I’ve also improved the audio quality by making it duel mono – rather than stereo.

The full ‘live stream’ which is a record of the entire day is here for the morning and here for the afternoon.