A website is just like a car, it needs to be looked after and maintained to run well.

The maintenance on a website includes keeping WordPress up-to-date; alongside that it’s important for your template and plugins to be in sync.

Websites – just like a car – can breakdown if they are not properly maintained. Then they are costly to fix. The membership package keeps your website healthy and running well.

Membership goes beyond just maintaining your site, it covers hosting and web name costs too, here’s a full list of what you get.

  • WordPress, theme and plug-in updates; all vital to the health of your site and ward off viruses.
  • The normal price of hosting your website is £35 per year now it’s bundled in this package.
  • Your web name (URL) normally £15 is included.
  • Back-ups, so is something goes wrong the site can be rebuilt.
  • Six hours of web help; if you’ve got a problem and you just want to pick up the phone and get it done. Then this is for you.

The cost of membership is £30 per month and your cover is for the whole of the year, click on ‘Subscribe’ to get started.