The Best Speaker At Brightonseo – It’s Not Who You Think

I’m always being suckered into clickbait titles on the internet; it’s 14 things men never tell men or 5 pictures which will change the way you feel about chocolate or as in the title quote to this blog something, something something, it’s not what you think.

As web psychologist Nathalie Nahai says, “this is my favourite because how can anybody know what you are thinking?” But that – in itself – draws you in and makes you want to click.

These titles aren’t bad in themselves, just bad if they then fail to deliver on what they promise – so if you see a title that promises to give you the meaning of life, but it just turns out to be an ad for knock-off Ray-Bans you are going to feel a little conned and you may not trust that site (or brand) so much in the future.

Here Nathalie talks about the psychology of the web as the keynote at BrightonSEO – she finishes up with her own formula for generating clickbait titles. Watch it now, it’s not what you expect. In fact here are 8 secrets that will revolutionise the way you think about web writing. You can’t afford not to watch this video right now.


Here I’ve taken Nathalie’s slides and put them over the video shot at the conference – so you can actually see what he’s talking about as he’s talking – oh and I’ve also improved the audio quality by making it duel mono – rather than stereo.

The full ‘live stream’ which is a record of the entire day is here for the morning and here for the afternoon.