Paper Cuts

I’ve written for most of the nationals, a ton of magazines and won my fair share of awards – see the About page for a full list.

I love writing positive things about amazing people. From Gang Rivals to Best Mates is a good example of this. The teaser reads: The two teenagers were locked in a spiral of racist violence. What happened next astonished them both. The writing style is very visual – the reader is put firmly in the scene.

Here’s a pic of me getting a gong for a medical piece called The Great Eye Test Scandal.

If you are hungry for more I’ve put a bundle of cuts together, which you can see here. It’s a big file so might take a minute to load.

Clear and Accessible Technical Writing

HMRC issue a series of ‘factsheets’ that are opaque and frightening. I went through each  one, breaking them down paragraph by paragraph (and sometimes sentience by sentence) explaining what it all really meant in a Q & A “Passnotes” style.

One reader, Wesley Long said, “Brilliant guide. Clear and is to the point, precisely what you need when you are pulling your hair out! Seriously I never write reviews but felt compelled! Highly recommended!”

These books are sold on the Tax Hell website.

Three books
Idea Fox
Web Work

I’ve been working with Tirol on their captions (and some other stuff I can’t talk about) for the last three years. This is the sort of copy I’d love to develop further.

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